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We will meet 4 Tuesdays in each month at 6PM CST!

    About  Circles

My goal for this group is to help others apply the Principles of Science of Mind in a safe and friendly atmosphere.

We will meet virtually on Zoom on Tuesdays at 6:00PM CST,  2020 , and I will provide the Zoom Meeting ID information via e-mail once you contact me at with your name, and request to start.

Please make sure you have the Zoom Application (located in your preferred 'Play Store' or go to for your free attendance in this group! 

You will also need the Science of Mind Magazine, which you can buy virtually or as a hard copy at  If you purchase the hard copy of the magazine, you receive the virtual copy for free of cost.

I would also like to encourage you to have a copy of the textbook Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes for your reading pleasure.

There will be 4 features each month from the magazine that we will discuss. Please reference my Blog according to the week we are featuring. 

You will discover topics and questions that are featured with each meeting. 

*These are not mandated requirements; however, it is helpful. 


  Circles of Love Introduction

        It is a tradition to start the New Year right in our philosophy going back to the basics with the opening sections of Science of Mind text.  How many of you have done that?  Ernest Holmes said, “Science of Mind in its broadest and truest sense includes the best there is in science, religion, and philosophy.  It is the result of the best thought of the ages.”  It’s important to know why Holmes named this philosophy, “The Science of Mind.”  He meant for us to consider its efficacy (the power to produce an effect) according to the concept of Science where he says: “Science is knowledge of proven facts.  Science is not opinion but knowledge, a demonstrable truth of which there may be a practical application.  Science reveals universal truths and gives them to the world as practical values and usable facts.”  This definition is just as valid today as when he wrote it in the early 1900’s. 

            What I think is newsworthy was Holmes always considered Science of Mind a compliment to medical science.  Many of you may not be aware of this.  He was raised learning Christian Science as a foundation so naturally Spiritual healing was always present understanding.   What a concept today…imagine Practitioners working with the medical world together. 

            Holmes wanted this philosophy, Science of Mind to grow and be “open at the top”- always welcoming the new with an open mind.  One interesting fact he stated is “If the body is to be permanently well, one’s mental life must be creative, peaceful and happy.”  I know this to be completely true.   Getting to that level is what spiritual practices will create if done consistently and enthusiastically. 

            Another principle Holmes gives us is:  “Science of Mind teaches that there is a favorable physical reaction, an effect, which follows a pattern of thought incorporating ideas of health, for the Law of Cause and Effect govern everything.”  In other words, our thought should be consistent and have a conscious belief, thought, and emotion in total alignment in order to have our desired outcome called a “demonstration.” 

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